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27 Jul 2009

Crime Always Pays: Sheer Geneius

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on crimealwayspays.blogspot.com

… roaring all over the world, at anyone who'd listen, about how wonderful the Irish economy was – answer me this: how much worse of a job would Fidel Castro have done at managing the Irish economy than Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen? …... Continue reading »

TechWire: Conor Lenihan

An article about Conor Lenihan seen on yourtechstuff.com/techwire

I was at the launch of the government's smart economy report yesterday. Three people spoke: Eamon Ryan, Conor Lenihan and Barry McSweeney (director of National Knowledge Society Strategy). Here's a funny thing: Lenihan was impressive.... Continue reading »

Aehso's Output » The “Technology Actions to Support the Smart …

An article about Eamon Ryan seen on xlml.com/aehso

Eamon Ryan and whoever wrote this report should read about it – it basically says “don't try build smart networks because they are too inflexible for long terms use by different generations of network clients”. …... Continue reading »

Trimble Takes Centre Stage at Croke Park

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on korecgroup.com/blog

Bertie Ahern with KOREC's Liam Murphy. KOREC Ireland have introduced a new member of the Trimble family to Croke Park this week, not Andrew Trimble, but Trimble SPS, from Trimble’s range of specialist survey equipment. …... Continue reading »

Irish Medical Times | Opinion | Transport services to be restructured

An article about Fergus O'Dowd seen on imt.ie/opinion

Fine Gael transport spokesperson, Fergus O'Dowd TD slammed the figure, calling it 'unacceptably high'. Deputy O'Dowd said there was no doubt that savings could be made on the massive bill. “This is the kind of waste that must be cut out …... Continue reading »

Jason O Mahony » Blog Archive » Enda Kenny pledges to make “Sweet …

An article about Enda Kenny seen on jasonomahony.ie

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny TD (Mayo) has pledged that if elected Taoiseach in a future election, he is committed to making “sweet, sweet love” to every single Irish citizen who wants it. Addressing a Fine Gael constituency dinner in …... Continue reading »

Neil Leyden: Irish Times reports on the ICSC – 23rd July 2009

An article about Brian Lenihan seen on calico.ie

The Green Party Minister is evidently excited by the idea but it remains to be seen whether his colleagues, in particular Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan, will be equally enthusiastic. The changing media landscape is reflected in the …... Continue reading »

The Irish Economy » Blog Archive » This Week's Minimum Wage Debate

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on irisheconomy.ie

I chaired the session featuring the Minister along with George Lee and Eamon Gilmore. The next morning, I was asked by a radio station would I go on to talk about the session. I said ok but asked which issues they wanted to focus on. …... Continue reading »

The State of the Nation: McCarthy, MacGill, McJob

An article about Leo Varadkar seen on thestateofthenation.ie

As Leo Varadkar stated on Morning Ireland “I think there is something really indecent about a society that tells people on €17000 a year that we're going to take money off you.” Continue in this vein Leo and I may yet warm to you. …... Continue reading »

The Connolly Column: Minimum wage cut is "on the table"

An article about Mary Harney seen on theconnollycolumn.blogspot.com

A CUT to the minimum wage has to be on the table for the Government, along with all other responses to the economic crisis, Health Minister Mary Harney warned last night. Ms Harney brought in the minimum wage almost 10 years ago, …... Continue reading »

McAleese warned of legal pitfalls as justice law signed | Student …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on studentsmart.ie/blog

Former President Mary Robinson and five ex-Taoisigh – Liam Cosgrave, Garret Fitzgerald, Albert Reynolds, John Bruton and Bertie Ahern – are automatically members. Members appointed by the President are Colonel Harvey Bicker, …... Continue reading »

Social Media's Potential in Electioneering « Over there…

An article about Ciaran Cuffe seen on robertcassidy.wordpress.com

Politicians who use social media include Ciaran Cuffe TD and Senator Dan Boyle. To date very few politicians have recognised the potential of social media as a means of reaching their constituents and in turn allowing themselves to be …... Continue reading »

Blasphemous Libel is too stupid for words | Twenty Major – Still …

An article about Dermot Ahern seen on twentymajor.net

And Dermot Ahern is a cunt. Show me your labia, Dermot, and I'll happily retract. Until then you're a fucking cunt. But let's say I say all Catholics are cunts. Still not libel. If I say all Catholics are child molesters that's probably …... Continue reading »

Campaigners to stage 'Big bra' protest | Ocean FM

An article about Brian Cowen seen on oceanfm.ie

In a symbolic move, protestors are being urged to tie their bras to the railings outside Brian Cowen's office. It's a last ditch attempt for Save Our Cancer Services Sligo to avert the transfer of services to University College Hospital …... Continue reading »

Roscommon Herald: Farmers revolt against REPS cuts

An article about Michael Finneran seen on roscommonherald.ie

Members of Irish Farmers Association took part in a protest at the offices of Minister Michael Finneran and Deputy Peter Kelly on Saturday when over 250 farmers registered their concern. Local members of The Irish Cattle and Sheep …... Continue reading »

Munster Express Online » Archive » Tipperary Institute cited for …

An article about Tom Hayes seen on munster-express.ie

TI, which operates campuses in both Clonmel and Thurles (pictured), must remain open according to local Fine Gael TD Tom Hayes. “Tipperary Institute is an invaluable resource for South Tipperary,” said Deputy Hayes following the …... Continue reading »

The Kingdom: TD warns of taxing times for Kerry tourism

An article about Jimmy Deenihan seen on thekingdom.ie

TAXING Kerry's self-catering holiday homes will devastate the tourism industry in the county, Kerry TD Jimmy Deenihan has warned. The new ¤200 charge on self-catering holiday homes, contained in the govern-ment's new local government …... Continue reading »

The Kingdom: Healy-Rae tells Lenihan it's time to spend money

An article about Jackie Healy-Rae seen on thekingdom.ie

KERRY TD Jackie Healy-Rae has said it is time for the government to spend some money rather than seeking more ways to save it. The veteran South Kerry politician, whose unwavering loyalty to Fianna Fail has helped prop up the embattled …... Continue reading »

Bord Snip Report Ignores Rural Ireland : Malcolmnoonan

An article about John Gormley seen on malcolmnoonan.com

This is why I have asked the Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley to address a joint session of both councils in October to address this, funding issues for local government and indeed the very future …... Continue reading »

Newstalk – Ireland's National Independent Talk Radio Broadcaster …

An article about Dara Calleary seen on newstalk.ie

Junior Minister at the Department of Labour , Dara Calleary says new laws are being considered whereby struggling firms would be able to submit a claim to the labour court if they can't afford to pay staff the minimum hourly tarrif. …... Continue reading »

Business And Leadership: Kenny calls for radical overhaul of Irish …

An article about Enda Kenny seen on businessandleadership.com

Ireland cannot fix its economy until it fixes its political system, the Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has claimed.... Continue reading »

'I put my faith in Bertie Ahern . . . I couldn't have been more …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on paddydoyle.com

Back in early 1998 I naively thought that all I needed to do was write to then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern pointing out that there was by then enough information in the public domain to justify an inquiry into the practice within the …... Continue reading »

Copacetic » Blog Archive » Bollocks

An article about Mary Coughlan seen on joedrumgoole.com/blog

Welcoming the report the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mary Coughlan said: “Irish venture capital firms provide vital investment funding to Ireland's early stage and developing companies, …... Continue reading »

Eamon Ryan: “Green”

An article about Eamon Ryan seen on theemergency.ie/site

Concluding our Green Party mini-series of clips is Eamon Ryan (pictured below in pre-Faustian times). When we first broadcast this sketch the Green Party on Twitter accused us of believing Pat Rabittes “lies” about Green TDs on bikes …... Continue reading »

Truth Coalition Ireland » Republic minister Dick Roche denies …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on truthcoalitionireland.org

Mr Roche, who is a teetotaller, disclosed that Bertie Ahern asked him out for a drink the night before he resigned. The 61-year-old said this was a gesture which convinced him something was wrong with the then Taoiseach. …... Continue reading »

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