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28 Mar 2008

The Sin of Judgement

An article about Seamus Brennan seen on turbulenceahead.com

Slowly but surely some in Government are recognising this – as witness Seamus Brennan's initiative to change welfare provisions for single parents. We need also to look further afield to how others have responded to the incentive issue ... Continue reading »

Eoghan Harris "loves Beverley Flynn's testosterone." Seriously.

An article about Mary White seen on musinandconfusin.blogspot.com

Anyway, this game will be “Let’s pretend it was a female senator named Mary White that said this and not a male one and see how people react to it.” “One of the reasons I really enjoy the Seanad is because Leinster House ... Continue reading »

Political Promises, Eaten Breakfast

An article about Micheal Martin seen on kerryview.blogspot.com

“I listened to their views and assured them that I would take their concerns to my colleague Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheal Martin, TD” “I have already raised the need for practical supports for the Denny workers ... Continue reading »

This Just In

An article about Mary Harney seen on journalofintegrity.com

The French sex up politics. Any chance we’ll get to see Mary Harney maybe through a night vision camera lens?... Continue reading »

Cllr Murray To Withdraw Co Council Reports From Youghal Meetings

An article about Deirdre Clune seen on youghalonline.com

Deirdre Clune TD and Cllr. Barbara Murray MCC. Youghal Town and Cork County councillor Barbara Murray says she will no longer proffer County Council reports to Youghal Town Council. The Fine Gael representative informed the March Town ... Continue reading »

27 Mar 2008

Deputy Pat Rabbitte, Mr David Fallon, Cllr Keith Martin

An article about Pat Rabbitte seen on councillorkeithmartin.blogspot.com

Deputy Pat Rabbitte, Secretary David Fallon and Cllr Keith Martin pictured at the Westport Electoral Area Selection Convention which was held on Tuesday (March 25th) in the Wyatt Hotel. Cllr Keith Martin was selected to contest a seat ... Continue reading »

26 Mar 2008

The one with a decent update…maybe…

An article about Noel O'Flynn seen on victorbarry.blogspot.com

I made a very simple suggestion to Noel O Flynn and Jerry Buttimer last night, and that was when put under the gun from the media when it comes to all things Bertie, just use the magic words of “NO COMMENT”. If all parties can adopt a ... Continue reading »

A conspiracy of silence

An article about Michael Lowry seen on gavinsblog.com

I saw the evidence of many ’star’ witnesses including James Gogarty, Ray Burke, Liam Lawlor, Charlie Haughey, Denis O’Brien, Michael Lowry, and many others. You may not be aware, given the lack of media coverage, but last week was ... Continue reading »

Wholesale education reform Ireland

An article about Frank Fahey seen on dublinstreams.blogspot.com

There still this inexplicable softness towards the spiteful Hanafin, Sean Moloney said on newstalk that education system was a 'victim of its own success' which is similar to how Frank Fahey said Irish traffics jams were a sign of ... Continue reading »

Student union “slam” immigration bill

An article about Conor Lenihan seen on ballyer.net

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) started their annual congress in Co Meath earlier today, the opening speech was made by Minister for Integration Conor Lenihan who delivered what the union called an anti-racism message.... Continue reading »


An article about Pat Rabbitte seen on dublinopinion.com

(Pat Rabbitte, July 2004). This needs to be updated, if for no other reason than this unassailable faith in the open market has not only been challenged by recent events, it has been dropped by some of the most serious players in world ... Continue reading »

Age of anti-cassandra

An article about Mary Hanafin seen on eastmeath.org/blog

Education Minister Mary Hanafin has insisted that education is a priority for the Government, despite widespread evidence of under-investment in the sector. Lads if you can’t even get your kids into a prefab school, then the government ... Continue reading »


An article about Brian Cowen seen on dublinopinion.com

Brian Cowen has yet to say anything in support of his boss, save letting it be known that he will not be releasing a statement on the matter, despite earlier reports. The same goes for Mary Coughlan, Séamus Brennan, Eamon Ryan, ... Continue reading »

Don’t Want to Sing Those Half-Party Blues No More (In the End …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on irishleftreview.org

In launching his successful bid for the leadership of the Labour Party, Deputy Eamon Gilmore laid out his primary objective in unmistakable terms:‘Labour should break free of, and reject, the “half party” limit which others impose on us ... Continue reading »

25 Mar 2008

Now You See It…Now You Don’t – Peter Robinson as Gaeilge!

An article about Eamon Ryan seen on sluggerotoole.com

As is standard, the two respective Ministers (Peter Robinson MP, MLA and Eamon Ryan TD) have penned an introduction to the accompanying literature expressing their support for this worthwhile initiative. However, things get interesting ... Continue reading »

Taoiseach Struggling To Believe Own Bullshit

An article about Willie O'Dea seen on thechancer.ie

he was spotted at Sunday’s Easter Rising commemorations wandering about O’Connell Street in a dazed state, quietly reciting the words to Rhianna’s Umbrella over and over before attempting to climb into Willie O’Dea’s moustache, ... Continue reading »

Drunken 10 Year Olds In St. Patrick's Day Rampage

An article about Brian Lenihan seen on jp-ireland.spaces.live.com

Justice Minister Brian Lenihan, meanwhile, told Mr Sherlock that 3695 juveniles were dealt with by way of an informal caution for alcohol-related offences under the juvenile diversion programme in 2007 — a 30% rise on 2005. ... Continue reading »

24 Mar 2008

The Republic's increasing the distance

An article about Caoimhghin O Caolain seen on unionistlite.blogspot.com

And someone should really have let Sinn Féin's Dáil Leader, Caoimhghin O'Caolain in on this secret when he recently gushed:. “We have clearly to accept the logic that a single island economy that would be to the benefit of all people on ... Continue reading »

March Meeting report

An article about Pat Rabbitte seen on westportlabour.blogspot.com

Mr Sammon added that Deputy Pat Rabbitte, Labour’s Spokesperson on Justice would be chairing the convention and would address the meeting on the issue of anti-social behaviour, crime and policing after the convention. ... Continue reading »

The Lost Art of Heckling

An article about Mary Hanafin seen on notesonthefront.typepad.com/politicaleconomy

The next time Minister Michael Martin addresses the Dail about knowledge capital, or Minister Mary Hanafin prattles on about ‘investing in our future’ or any other Minister talks about ‘world class educational institutions’ or ‘highly ... Continue reading »

Dick Roche says Ahern has support of Fianna Fail

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on wicklow.com/news

RTE report the news that Dick Roche doesn’t believe there is any move to oust Bertie Ahern. When asked if he belived that Ahern would be forced out of office within a year, Roche said : “Mr Ahern is made of very stout stuff and retains ... Continue reading »


An article about Bertie Ahern seen on dublinopinion.com

bertieillness-480-x-254.jpg. The Irish Independent revealed today that the Taoiseach will tell the Mahon tribunal that he converted his salary cheques into sterling, and then back into punts, before lodging them into the three accounts ... Continue reading »

22 Mar 2008

Nursing home regulations to be in place later this year

An article about Maire Hoctor seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

Minister for Older People Máire Hoctor confirmed the regulations could be expected to be in place later this year. The HIQA was established by the Government after shocking cases of elder abuse were uncovered at Leas Cross nursing home ... Continue reading »

Beware the ides of March Bertie!

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on gaskinbalrog.blogspot.com

I see that Louth FF Councillor Tommy Murphy has called for Bertie Ahern to resign, insisting that the public no longer trust him following revelations at the Mahon Tribunal. The latest revelation relates to the lodgement of £15500 ... Continue reading »

Chinese soldiers murder Tibetans

An article about Dermot Ahern seen on skinflicks.blogspot.com

Visit the Free Tibet campaign. And please write to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern, via the departmental website and ask what your government is doing to protest against the Chinese murder of the people of Tibet.... Continue reading »

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