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29 Jan 2008

The luxury of opposition

An article about Brian Cowen seen on apublishersblog.blogspot.com

An cheist dó: cá huair a bheas an billiún a gheall Brian Cowen ag teacht i dtreo na Ceathrún Gaeltachta i mBéal Feirste (ó tharla anois an chéad £40m ó Chiste Cowen faighte ag Sir Reg Empey).... Continue reading »

Currying favour… Anti-Semitism… A spinning success

An article about Niall Blaney seen on independent.ie/opinion/letters

By coincidence, Niall Blaney, a Fianna Fail TD from Donegal, has recently been in the letters columns of our national papers seeking to convince us that Mr Ahern is tax compliant. Mr Blaney's party has been in power for the greatest ... Continue reading »

Bertie Ahern at the Tribunal Part 1

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on thatsireland.com

Over the next while, I will summarise and analyse the evidence that Bertie Ahern has given to the Tribunal. This first post covers the evidence that Mr Ahern gave on the morning of his first day of questioning, on the 13th of September ... Continue reading »

28 Jan 2008

Today is Data Protection Day

An article about Mary Hanafin seen on bhconsulting.blogs365.org/wordpress

In Ireland the Minister for Education and Science Mary Hanafin in association with the Data Protection Commissioner launched a new educational resource on data protection and privacy aimed at second level schools. ... Continue reading »

Report delays ‘fail’ cancer patients

An article about Jan O'Sullivan seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

The party’s health spokesperson Jan O’Sullivan warned inquiries were being used as a way of deflecting criticism, not finding out what went wrong. She cited a report into the circumstances surrounding the misdiagnosis in the case of ... Continue reading »

Superbug survives despite €140m ward clean-up

An article about Damien English seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

According to Fine Gael TD Damien English — who obtained the figures on foot of a Dail question — more needs to be done to eradicate the problem. “Spending over €140m on cleaning our hospitals needs to be matched by achieving major ... Continue reading »

Today is European Data Protection Day – What can you do to …

An article about Brian Lenihan seen on digitalrights.ie

Brian Lenihan TD is the Minister for Justice. It is the Department of Justice who have responsibility for the introduction of data retention in Ireland. His email is: info@justice.ie. Eamon Ryan TD is the Minister for Communications. ... Continue reading »

An Open Letter To Minister Mary Harney

An article about Mary Harney seen on education-and-learning.blogspot.com

Dear Minister Harney, I have admired your guts and your work ethic for many years, but Mary, the health system is a crock! A relative of mine (late 80s) was ambulanced to hospital yesterday morning. He spent four and a half hours on a ... Continue reading »

Test post, nothing to see here

Seen on

Move on…

27 Jan 2008

Brian Lenihan

An article about Brian Lenihan seen on thedailministers.blogspot.com

There are two things you need to know about Brian Lenihan. (1) He is amazing at Rounders. If that boy gets to second base, by Moses he will make it home. A solid winner. (2) He likes his deportations as much as his Tangle Twisters. ... Continue reading »

Do Something!

An article about Michael Ring seen on 33rdcounty.blogspot.com

TD Michael Ring, who brought the question to the Dáil in November, told me, “I have tabled further Parliamentary Questions for answer when the Dáil resumes at the end of the month.” While we are thankful to those in government who are ... Continue reading »

Doomed, all of us, and no (grammatical) hope in sight

An article about Mary Hanafin seen on cavantucky.blogspot.com

Disibility. Oh, God…oh God. End my pain. The plague has reached the highest levels, people. Will we sit and do nothing? Or will Mary Hanafin don a heroine's cape for us at last, and RETURN GRAMMAR LESSONS TO IRISH CLASSROOMS? ... Continue reading »

Simple geography cuts short the lives of patients

An article about Finian McGrath seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

After the election, when they needed the support of independent TD Finian McGrath, he asked them to commit to a 34-bed CF unit as a condition — they agreed. It was hardly a coincidence then, last Friday, when the HSE's chief executive ... Continue reading »

Please To Step Aside

An article about Enda Kenny seen on grandgesture.blogspot.com

With the Mahon Tribunal looking into the financial wheelings and dealings of An Taoiseach, and finding some hinky transactions, Enda Kenny has been front and center, demanding that Bertie Ahern step down at once…..and maybe give the ... Continue reading »

Irish Times and Sunday Business Post polls

An article about Enda Kenny seen on darrenjprior.blogspot.com

SF 9 (+2) PD 2 (nc) I'm surprised how well Fine Gael are doing given that we have Enda Kenny as leader. Enda is usually not good at giving short soundbites on televesion. Being able to do so is an essential requirement of any Taoiseach.... Continue reading »

Buckets of aid: Bertie promises Tanzania €170m

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on independent.ie/national-news

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern met political leaders in Tanzania yesterday and then pledged €170m in direct aid for the country.... Continue reading »

26 Jan 2008

NRA rushes ahead recklessly with M3, despite Irish and EU court …

An article about Noel Dempsey seen on tarawatch.org

Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey said that within three years the Republic would have a network “criss-crossing the country which would connect communities” and which would be seven times safer than the roads they replace. ... Continue reading »

Statement to Minister of the Environment

An article about John Gormley seen on margaret121.wordpress.com

Firefighters Wives & Families, SIPTU, Union, NRFA Representatives & TD’s met on Tuesday 8th January in the Esplanade Hotel in Bray and issued a statement to the Minister of the Environment, John Gormley.... Continue reading »

The Secret life of Paul Murphy.

An article about Arthur Morgan seen on paulflynnmp.typepad.com/my_weblog

Pictured is DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson addressing the 'Body' with Paul Murphy on the platform and Sinn Fein TD Arthur Morgan (with glasses) listening intently. It's substantial progress. Since early childhood Paul Murphy and Don ... Continue reading »

Third level funding:Waterford ‘severely disadvantaged’ – Brian O’Shea

An article about Brian O'Shea seen on munster-express.ie

Official figures obtained by Deputy Brian O'Shea highlight the extent to which Waterford is disadvantaged compared to other major cities regarding funding for 3rd level institutions.... Continue reading »

once again, I present: our opposition party

An article about Fergus O'Dowd seen on waider.livejournal.com

Here, using the “something should be done” line, is Fergus O'Dowd, the Fine Gael transport spokesman, on an accident on Dublin's ring-road this morning:. “This is yet another example of the need for a quick reaction force with the ... Continue reading »

Harney to consider private care for CF patients

An article about Finian McGrath seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

She was responding to calls from Independent TD Finian McGrath to put some interim measures in place to relieve the crisis faced by cystic fibrosis patients in St Vincent's Hospital where they lack private facilities and are in danger ... Continue reading »

25 Jan 2008

A tale of two political systems

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on conorfryan.blogspot.com

Today's Irish Times poll suggests that the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is suffering in personal popularity from the constant scrutiny of the tribunals and the media into his tax and financial affairs. Nevetheless, a plurality of voters think ... Continue reading »

Dempsey vetoed road safety plans

An article about Noel Dempsey seen on independent.ie/national-news

IT'S been a tough six months for Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey. He oversaw the Shannon debacle, made his Secretary-General carry the can for it, and then there was the cock-up over driving licences.... Continue reading »

Calls to increase Borough grant

An article about John Gormley seen on sligopost.com

At Monday [14th Jan] night’s Estimates Meeting, members of Sligo Borough Council called on the Minister for the Environment John Gormley to increase his annual grant allocation to the local authority to allow it to improve services for ... Continue reading »

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