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30 Nov 2007

the Fantasy of Being Thin is not just about becoming small enough …

An article about Mary Harney seen on susanhatedliterature.net

I am totally fed up with a lot of the comments about Mary Harney. I realise that as a politician she is fair game. And as a politician who is in charge of the Health Service at a time when it is scandal after scandal after horrendous ... Continue reading »

Failte Ireland MERGO Weekly Update ~ 30th Nov 2007

An article about Billy Kelleher seen on mergo.wordpress.com

This week, the Minister for Labour Affairs, Billy Kelleher TD warned shops, bars, restaurants and other businesses employing teenagers in the run into and during Christmas that they must protect the rights of these young workers. ... Continue reading »

Advertising Ulster-Scots

An article about Martin Mansergh seen on elblogador.blogspot.com

(The most famous example of that is Fianna Fáil’s Martin Mansergh who is CoI but no unionist.) All aspects of local culture and all languages in the North should be reflected in tourism ads. If we want to attract tourists, ... Continue reading »

Ahern link to casino probed by tribunal

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on independent.ie

THE planning tribunal is investigating if Taoiseach Bertie Ahern politically approved the involvement of the State-owned National Lottery company with dollar-rich casino developers in the early 1990s.... Continue reading »

Ahern’s web of deceit

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on gavinsblog.com

stg lodgment in October, where did that come from? The Michael Wall lodgment, equating to $45000. The alleged re-lodging of £50000 in 1995, was it as he says it was? Lots of questions, but no answers from An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern.... Continue reading »

2007 YFG National Conference

An article about Bernard Durkan seen on grizi.net/blog2

Also in attendance were Brian Hayes TD, Olwyn Enright TD and I missed the opening by Bernard Durkan TD and the debated chaired by Richard Bruton TD. The N7 before Roscrea was closed and I still don’t have a GPS device. ... Continue reading »

Foightin’ Oirish Placated by Lock-In

An article about Brian Lenihan seen on expad.ie

but I can’t help but realise that it bears a striking resemblance to a LOCK-IN, in colloquial terms. Mandated by the police. How draconian. Somebody call Brian Lenihan. He needs to see this in action. Fly him over here right now. ... Continue reading »

29 Nov 2007

The willingness of the Irish people to accept blatant lies

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on eirbiz.com

A special hello to Bertie Ahern’s ‘Stazi’ Dept. who’s sole job is to dilute the lies of their master. What you should have been using this shovel for Bertie, was to dig the foundations for houses for the disadvantaged in our society and ... Continue reading »

Courage and Conscience: O’Keefe and the Greens

An article about John Gormley seen on dublinopinion.com

In the debate John Gormley asked if sacking Mary Harney would help those women who have suffered because of the Breast Cancer debacle. The answer to this solipsistic question is, of course, no. These women have suffered because of ... Continue reading »

And now for your next party trick, Mary . . .

An article about Noel Grealish seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

Despite PD TD Noel Grealish already being in talks to join Fianna Fail and widespread rumours about the party's future, PD figures insist they are planning for the future and continue to organise for the 2009 local elections. ... Continue reading »

All Hail The Sheriffs Of Chancerdom!

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on thechancer.ie

Pictured yesterday: Bertie Ahern! Enda Kennedy! And Eamonn Whatsisface! They were there to ‘turn on’ the Leinster House Christmas tree lights. Woof woof! That’s right – this stuff writes itself! It’sa fact: Life in the fifth-best ... Continue reading »

Top broker says Ahern not telling the truth on 'dig-out'

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on independent.ie

THE Taoiseach's account of how he got a IR£22500 'dig-out' loan is untrue, according to the leading stockbroker described by Bertie Ahern as a “close” friend.... Continue reading »

Pig feed row angered O'Keeffe

An article about Ned O'Keeffe seen on independent.ie/todayspaper/national-news

NED O'Keeffe has been described as a rebel backbencher for years.... Continue reading »

O'Keeffe quits after refusing to back Harney

An article about Ned O'Keeffe seen on independent.ie/todayspaper/national-news

Rebel Fianna Fail TD Ned O'Keeffe last night sensationally resigned from the parliamentary party after refusing to back Health Minister Mary Harney.... Continue reading »

Life and death matters best left out of politics

An article about Noel Dempsey seen on hughgreen.wordpress.com

“I was inundated with calls when Noel Dempsey did his thing on the holders of provisional driving licences but not a single call about breast cancer diagnosis,” said Fleming. “People knew the driving licence business was a political ... Continue reading »

Christmas & New Year Anti Drink Driving Campaign 2007

An article about Noel Dempsey seen on blog.ism.ie

The 2007 Christmas & New Year Anti Drink Driving campaign will be officially launched by the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey. Mr. Gay Byrne, Chairman, RSA, the new Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and Ms. Fionnuala Sheehan, CEO of ... Continue reading »


An article about Thomas Byrne seen on thomasbyrne.blogspot.com

After contacting Meath County Council, I would like to inform residents in the Drumconrath area that due to mechanical repairs, there may be a disruption to the water supply for a short time today (Thursday, November 29)... Continue reading »

Digout Des and the Maze of Confusion

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on thatsireland.com

I’ve just spent most of the rest of my life reading yesterday’s Tribunal transcript, in which Digout Des tries to explain exactly how he got the money that he thought was a personal friendly digout from Padraic O’Connor to Bertie Ahern, ... Continue reading »

Blue-shirts not happy with Stoops

An article about Dermot Ahern seen on gaskinbalrog.blogspot.com

I mean I have witnessed Dermot Ahern canvassing on behalf of the SDLP, the same is true for Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte and we still roasted them in every election. I mean when you are as inactive, as unrepresentative and as useless as ... Continue reading »

harney debate the saga continues

An article about Jan O'Sullivan seen on politicsbog.blogspot.com

by Tom kitts threats of eternal damnation and political exile.jan O Sullivan was measured and assured and Charlie Flannagan of FG gave a solid performane while Dr liam O rielly of FG set about to finish the job.tonite Act two. ... Continue reading »

Harney's head should roll!

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on gaskinbalrog.blogspot.com

Bertie Ahern lacks the balls to sack the Minister for Health, something that would happen in any other country under the current circumstances. The fact remains though that in Irish society nobody falls on their sword, their is a total ... Continue reading »

Harney: I am not a quitter, I’m not going off the pitch

An article about Jan O'Sullivan seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

Labour health spokes-woman Jan O’Sullivan said both the HSE and the Department of Health had to make clear when they first became aware of the problems in Cork and Galway. “This is particularly important in regard to the CUH as, ... Continue reading »

South East Regional Tidy Towns Awards presentation ceremony in Lismore

An article about Batt O'Keeffe seen on carlow-nationalist.ie

TIDY Towns winners from the five counties of the South East region gathered in Lismore on Thursday evening, November 22 to receive their 2007 awards from the Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Developing Areas, Batt O’Keeffe, TD.... Continue reading »

Why Fianna Fail will not leave Harney out to dry

An article about Mary Harney seen on hse-ireland.blogspot.com

Mary Harney launched a passionate and emotional defence of her record as Minister for Health last night. After the general election, Mary Harney was left as the reluctant leader of a party comprising of just two TDs. ... Continue reading »

Harney In The Firing Line

An article about Mary Harney seen on alexiablogs.com

A part of me felt sorry for Mary Harney last night face down the opposition in the Dail. Lots of the support there from the Government. Not. FF cohorts were lying low, it seems. Harney is getting all the flack as she’s the girl in ... Continue reading »

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