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10 Feb 2010

3 pics of her Ladyship Mary O'Rourke nee Lenihan 's stylish …

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on mcula.wordpress.com

3 pics of her Ladyship Mary O'Rourke nee Lenihan 's stylish moments in Irish Dail…says George Lee didn't look pleasant? #Newstalk. “Charming & nimble” ….. ! especially the one where she jabbers on about her nephew Brian J …... Continue reading »

06 Feb 2010

Ardmayle: Taoiseach

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on ardmayle.blogspot.com

When Reynolds cleared out the cabinet after he took over Mary O'Rourke sought a meeting to protest her case. Reynolds response, God bless him, was to tell her “to get put of here with your old guff”. Dick Spring also recounted how …... Continue reading »

Tim Cotter -Fianna Fail- Celbridge LEA- 1991 local Elections …

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on irishelectionliterature.wordpress.com

He also has shots with such luminaries as the then Lord Mayor of Dublin Michael Donnelly, Michael O'Kennedy, Bertie Ahern, Mary O'Rourke, Seamus Brennan and Ray Burke. Its a whos who of Fianna Fail at the time. …... Continue reading »

16 Jul 2009

Michael Farry: Bruno – Navan Cinema

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on michaelfarry.blogspot.com

Mary O'Rourke made an unwelcome appearance in the piece. Noel Dempsey was in the audience and seemed to really enjoy it or it that just what politicians have to do! Posted by Michael Farry at 1:01 PM. Labels: Bruno; Navan Diamond Cinema …... Continue reading »

29 Mar 2009

CloudSteph: Picturegate rolls on

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on cloudsteph.blogspot.com

I just heard Mary O'Rourke being interviewed on Newstalk about the whole mess and she seems to be in agreement with the FF slap on the knuckles to RTE while saying it would be crazy for the Sunday Tribune to apologise. ... Continue reading »

07 Mar 2009

Under Pressure

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on corkmedia.net

It totally amazes me how this country is going down the drains. Correct me if I’m wrong but Fina Fails slogan for the last election was ‘and now for the next steps’. They never told me their next steps would include three budgets in the ... Continue reading »

23 Nov 2008

Fatmammycat.com: Painful decisions in the a.m regarding Tom Dunne.

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on fatmammycat.blogspot.com

I know Emo Keane is a sneaky troll with overground passes, delusions of Kilroy Silk and a fetish for Mary O Rourke, I know George Hook is really Churchill the insurance dog. I know I know, there was some good stuff there. ... Continue reading »

15 Nov 2008

O'Rourke lashes out as students leave wreath at her door

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on tribune.ie/section/news

Defending his actions, he said, “I left it there myself at Mary O'Rourke's constituency office. We left a laminated note on it saying, 'Sincere and deepest sympathy on the death of free fees from your AIT constituency members. ... Continue reading »

11 Nov 2008

UnaRocks: The Apprentice, Bertie and Q&A

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on unarocks.blogspot.com

Also Mary O'Rourke is hilarious as always. Patrick Freyne's review of last Monday's programme is here. Questions and Answers was interesting, if only to yet again see how uninformed, homophobic, and offensive David Quinn's views are ... Continue reading »

29 Aug 2008

August 26th Morning: The Recession Diaries

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on notesonthefront.typepad.com/politicaleconomy

So what should be done (besides putting Mary O’Rourke, the architect of the privatisation, into the stocks and forcing her to apologise to each and every citizen in the Republic)? There’s no sense in asking the Left. ... Continue reading »

23 Aug 2008

O'Rourke supports Oireachtas vote on parts of Lisbon

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on irishtimes.com

ELEMENTS OF the Lisbon Treaty should be passed by legislation in the Oireachtas with the rest being put to referendum at some distant time in the future, Fianna Fáil TD and former minister Mary O'Rourke told the Humbert Summer School in ... Continue reading »

10 Jul 2008

NCA and consumer legislation nothing more than a charade

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on valueireland.blogspot.com

Mary O'Rourke is right: how can hard-working women with young children shop around? In any case, we don't need costly institutions to give us advice our grandmothers used to give us for free. It seems as if taxpayers' money will ... Continue reading »

01 Jul 2008

News Round-Up

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on egoeccentric.blogspot.com

TD Mary O'Rourke has a novel way of solving the Mugabe crisis- by putting her foot in her mouth. (Irish Examiner) Seymour Hersh reveals $400 million US funding for 'Secret War' in Iran- Will they ever learn? (New Yorker) ... Continue reading »

The Weekly Ryan Podcast : 30 June 2008,MARY O'ROURKE

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on rte.ie/2fm/ryanshow/todays.html


Mary O' Rourke sends Willie to Shoot Mugabe

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on murphysword.blogspot.com

in a sensational move last night, Mary o Rourke decided to rid the world of Robert Mugabe by ordering Wille o Dea to assassinate him. O'Dea left early this morning on the dangerous mission with the army's finest weapons and a Groucho ... Continue reading »

30 Jun 2008

Scott Evil’s Mum

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber

She is Irish parliament member Mary O’Rourke. (more…)... Continue reading »

Wanted: Enlightened Leadership

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on eileenbennett.com

There was a collective gasp of horror when Mary O’Rourke TD said on national radio yesterday that ’somebody should shoot’ Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe. Was this gasp caused by the sound of such a well-respected and seasoned politician ... Continue reading »

17 Jun 2008

The Looks of Lisbon

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on realreview.ie

Or take Mary O'Rourke's comment about her campaign team “working like blacks.” This is exactly the sort of thing that politicians will call a momentary lapse, and try and write off as 'certainly not good for her image'; ... Continue reading »

14 May 2008

Alex on The Late Debate

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on senatoralexwhite.wordpress.com

On the panel with me was Mary O’Rourke TD, Fionnan Sheehan of the Irish Independent and Harry McGee of the Irish Times. The topics discussed included the announcement of the new Ministers of State, Brian Cowen and the media and a good ... Continue reading »

28 Apr 2008

Marty Whelan saves the day!

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on jazzbiscuit.com

Yep Mary O’Rourke quits celebrity bainisteoir and we’re left wondering who could possibly fill those (sexy) boots. And then it all becomes clear:. Legend. Celebrity Bainisteoir: Episode 5. Mary O’Rourke pulls out. ... Continue reading »

06 Apr 2008

Bertie – things you didn’t know (or had forgotten) …

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on michaelsmithie.wordpress.com

Bertie’s former Deputy, Mary O’Rourke says his only real friend is himself. He spreads himself thinly. Surprisingly she feels, “He’s friendly but he’s not warm. I got to know him – and still I didn’t get to know him. ... Continue reading »

31 Mar 2008

Celebrity Bainisteoir

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on jazzbiscuit.com

Mary O’Rourke: I cannot believe she agreed to do it. Easily the sexiest of all 8 of them.*. Nell McCafferty: The lads faces when she walked in was priceless, and then the shallow applause and the polite handshaking… what else can they ... Continue reading »

26 Feb 2008

Autism school row rages on as Hanafin snubs TD's invite

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on independent.ie/national-news

EDUCATION Minister Mary Hanafin seems set to spurn an invitation from her predecessor and Fianna Fail parliamentary colleague Mary O'Rourke to visit a special school for children with autism.... Continue reading »

21 Feb 2008

Hanafin rejects O'Rourke criticism on ABA

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on independent.ie/breaking-news

Education Minister Mary Hanafin has rejected criticism of her department from her Fianna Fail colleague Mary O'Rourke.... Continue reading »

19 Feb 2008

Contrary Mary…Hell bound…Crusty fossils…Mills' bill

An article about Mary O'Rourke seen on independent.ie/opinion/letters

Former Education minister Mary O'Rourke condemns the her former department for its failure to provide applied behavioural analysis (ABA) to children with autism.... Continue reading »

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