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13 Feb 2010

SINN FÉIN – KEEP LEFT: The strange quite surrounding the passing …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on sinnfeinkeepleft.blogspot.com

The statement by ex-member Eamon Gilmore now leader of the Labour Party highlighted by Conor Foley in a letter to An Phoblacht this week shows the political amnesia, the u turns, contradictions and animosity that McGiollas followers …... Continue reading »

09 Feb 2010

Hundreds at Limerick meeting to consider new life Down Under …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on limerickleader.ie/NewsFront.aspx

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore claimed in the Dail on Wednesday that one in three men aged between 21 and 24 was now on the dole. But the USIT roadshow also attracted plenty of middle-aged workers and a number of people from Africa and …... Continue reading »

06 Feb 2010

Government says country moving in right direction

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on irishsentinel.com

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore pulled no punches, saying “This government is so clueless you can put that Ray Foley from Today FM in charge and things would improve. Sure, he might be a sub-par, thinks he's funny but really isn't, …... Continue reading »

Gilmore doesn't support the 30km limit

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on newstalk.ie

Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore speaks to Newstalk Breakfast, in this interview he says he doesn't support the 30 km per hour speed limit introduced in Dublin, and proposed in Cork and Galway, by a Labour councillor..... Continue reading »

27 Jul 2009

The Irish Economy » Blog Archive » This Week's Minimum Wage Debate

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on irisheconomy.ie

I chaired the session featuring the Minister along with George Lee and Eamon Gilmore. The next morning, I was asked by a radio station would I go on to talk about the session. I said ok but asked which issues they wanted to focus on. …... Continue reading »

The Connolly Column: Labour hypocrisy vis-a-vis Lisbon

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on theconnollycolumn.blogspot.com

“Last year Eamon Gilmore rushed forward to say the Lisbon Treaty was dead following Ireland's emphatic rejection of the treaty on June 13th. Yet now he is boasting that Labour's campaign to push the same treaty through will be run like …... Continue reading »

21 Jul 2009

Business And Leadership: Taoiseach: no area immune to cuts …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on businessandleadership.com

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said today that there are some proposals contained in the Bord Snip report that his party agrees with, such as improvements in public procurement and rationalisation of services …... Continue reading »

31 May 2009

SINN FÉIN – KEEP LEFT: why Sinn Féin supporters should vote labour …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on sinnfeinkeepleft.blogspot.com

Isn't Eamon Gilmore positioning himself to enter government with Fine Gael? Surely a vote for Labour is a vote for Fine Gael? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is yes. But, in order to strengthen the hand of those people …... Continue reading »

Gilmore predicts Laois gains – Leinster Express

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on leinsterexpress.ie/NewsFront.aspx

Gilmore predicts Laois gains – Labour party leader, Eamon Gilmore has said he is highly confident that the party would make big gains in the upcoming local elections in Laois.... Continue reading »

24 May 2009

Political Broadcast TV « Unstranger's Blog

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on unstranger.wordpress.com

… this time I want the FF party to be eliminated and routed utterly, I have no choice but to support the opposition politicians; for now. This therefore is a youtube political broadcast from the Labour party leader Eamon Gilmore. …... Continue reading »

17 May 2009

Stephen Spillane – FG 17 points ahead of FF

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on stephenspillane.com/blog

Brian Cowen 18% (-6); Enda Kenny 33% (+3); Eamon Gilmore 51% (+7); John Gormley 25% (-4). So while Labour support is down four points, Gilmore is up. Its strange that his satisfaction is not translating through to support for the Labour …... Continue reading »

26 Apr 2009

Councillor Keith Martin's website: Help Keith's Campaign

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on councillorkeithmartin.blogspot.com

Things can only get better is the theme of Keith's campaign as he believes it is time to get positive and highlight what can be done to make life better in Mayo. Keith's campaign goal is to bring Eamon Gilmore's New Deal to Mayo with ... Continue reading »

25 Apr 2009

Ocean FM » SIPTU nurses conference to get underway

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on oceanfm.ie

SIPTU’s nursing and midwifery conference gets underway in Sligo’s Southern Hotel later today. Recent developments in the health service, nurses’ hours and budget changes will be among the topics discussed. Labour leader Eamon Gilmore ... Continue reading »

Erindipity: Stagg's debate about legalising cannabis is stone mad

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on erindipityridesagain.blogspot.com

Eamon Gilmore must now clarify where his party stands on the only issue that concerns me and thousands of prospective voters today – the economy. Is Labour in favour of taxing drugs to fix it? Is that the best your party has to offer us ... Continue reading »

29 Mar 2009

Labour Party Conference, 2009 — Liveblog.ie

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on liveblog.ie/blog

Just checking in on email right now. Eamon GIlmore out and about in Mullingar Town right now #LP09; 12:59 PM ianmcgahon – New blog post http://tinyurl.com/dacewt #LP09; 7:25 PM RebeccaMoy – Hopping mad at Jim Power’s crazy idea. ... Continue reading »

Beef to the heels « yellow roman candles

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on yellowromancandles.wordpress.com

A scheduling clash may take the wind out of the Labour Party’s environmental proposal’s sails as Eamon Gilmore televised speech at 8.30pm tomorrow evening clashes with worldwide Earth Hour, also scheduled to take place at 8.30pm ... Continue reading »

Their time to change « yellow roman candles

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on yellowromancandles.wordpress.com

Speakers against the commission were keen to stress that their opposition to Eamon Gilmore’s proposals was not an opposition to Gilmore himself. Proponents of the commission, including the final speaker Ruairi Quinn, asked the audience ... Continue reading »

Labour Conf 2009 Entry II – The Vote | Mark Coughlan

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on markcoughlan.com

Some who opposed the motion may take issue with the fact the last three speakers, all in favour were Ruairi Quinn, Prionsias DeRossa and Eamon Gilmore, the last speaker against, who spoke before the aforementioned trio was Patrick Nulty ... Continue reading »

Sense of unity carries Labour into ’21st Century’ « yellow roman …

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on yellowromancandles.wordpress.com

They produced two big guns as the final proposition speakers in Proinsias De Rossa and Ruairi Quinn, before Eamon Gilmore was invited to sumarise. All three spoke well and their popularity among the membership would have swayed many ... Continue reading »

15 Feb 2009

Labourhome » Labour on the rise……in Ireland that is!

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on labourhome.org

This is the highest poll result in the history of the party, which has always come third (once fourth) in Irish elections, behind the two centre right parties. In particular, the current leader, Eamon Gilmore is very ... Continue reading »

13 Feb 2009

yourfriendinthenorth: Two views of social democracy

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on yourfriendinthenorth.blogspot.com

Also intriguing to see Eamon Gilmore now has the highest satisfaction rating of any party leader. I can't say that I'm all that surprised by these developments. Clearly a lot of people down south feel the same way as good ould Eamon ... Continue reading »

The European Citizen: Labour overtakes Fianna Fáil in polls

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on theeuropeancitizen.blogspot.com

And Eamon Gilmore is now the most popular party leader by quite a margin. I knew Labour was making an inroads, but this is quite impressive. So is Ireland shifting to the Left? It's a strange thought for a country whose ... Continue reading »

Irish Labour in the North: The Future is…? « Garibaldy Blog

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on garibaldy.wordpress.com

A while back, in this post I discussed a post by Jenny of South Belfast Diary on the rejection by Eamon Gilmore of the Irish Labour Party standing in elections in the North. Jenny now has a brief account of her last meeting as a member. ... Continue reading »

26 Oct 2008

That’s Right… Worst. Taoiseach. Ever.

An article about Eamon Gilmore seen on thechancer.ie

Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore argued that there was “no justification” for the Dáil not sitting next Tuesday following bank holiday Monday. “I know it has been the tradition and practice down the years that when there’sa bank ... Continue reading »

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