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20 Feb 2010

Popcorn Politics: The only way is Up for Bertie!

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on irishpoliticalpopcorn.blogspot.com

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is taking his grandfather duties a bit too seriously after morphing into a new cartoon character that is melting hearts across the country. When The Bert turned up at his local, Fagans, to watch the special …... Continue reading »

Dublin's Politicians discuss crime & murder

An article about Cyprian Brady seen on dublinmurders.blogspot.com

Another politician, Cyprian Brady from the infamous Fianna Fáil (spell: FAIL!) babbled something senseless to answer Costello's viewpoint: apparently, Labour's “voting records clearly show that they cannot be taken seriously on crime”. …... Continue reading »

06 Feb 2010

Bertie Ahern and the tax exemption

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on kenfoxe.com

Obviously, the major concern for the Arts Council is that the operation of the exemption has come into disrepute because the public might perceive it as going to undeserving people, like Bertie Ahern. In that scenario, a new government …... Continue reading »

'Good Morning Voter from your Local Representative'- Bertie Ahern …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on irishelectionliterature.wordpress.com

Tags: 2007 General Election, Bertie, bertie ahern, Cyprian Brady, Dublin Central, Election ephemera, election flyers, Fianna Fail, irish elections, Irish Politics, political flyers, Politics. 'Good Morning Voter from your Local …... Continue reading »

Tomas McGiolla

An article about Tony Gregory seen on dublin.ie/forums

Quote Originally Posted by diddler View Post. r.i.p..another man that stood up for his principals.. Another great man gone.. From the same gene pool as that other great man, Tony Gregory. …... Continue reading »

03 Nov 2009

Irish Wildlife – Boggus Gaagaa « Come on the Déise

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on deiseach.wordpress.com

Has “a lot of time” for Bertie Ahern, one of the few jackeens he has time for. Is full of half-baked tales when filled with drink e.g. that Dan Breen once hid from the Black and Tans in a bread bin in his mother's house. …... Continue reading »

Designcomment: Development As Freedom

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on designcomment.blogspot.com

What better man to play that role than Bertie Ahern? The truth is the Irish banks have lost the country's pension plan. Civil servants will not be paid next year. It is all gone. We might as well use that realization now and begin to do …... Continue reading »

27 Jul 2009

Crime Always Pays: Sheer Geneius

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on crimealwayspays.blogspot.com

… roaring all over the world, at anyone who'd listen, about how wonderful the Irish economy was – answer me this: how much worse of a job would Fidel Castro have done at managing the Irish economy than Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen? …... Continue reading »

Trimble Takes Centre Stage at Croke Park

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on korecgroup.com/blog

Bertie Ahern with KOREC's Liam Murphy. KOREC Ireland have introduced a new member of the Trimble family to Croke Park this week, not Andrew Trimble, but Trimble SPS, from Trimble’s range of specialist survey equipment. …... Continue reading »

McAleese warned of legal pitfalls as justice law signed | Student …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on studentsmart.ie/blog

Former President Mary Robinson and five ex-Taoisigh – Liam Cosgrave, Garret Fitzgerald, Albert Reynolds, John Bruton and Bertie Ahern – are automatically members. Members appointed by the President are Colonel Harvey Bicker, …... Continue reading »

'I put my faith in Bertie Ahern . . . I couldn't have been more …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on paddydoyle.com

Back in early 1998 I naively thought that all I needed to do was write to then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern pointing out that there was by then enough information in the public domain to justify an inquiry into the practice within the …... Continue reading »

Truth Coalition Ireland » Republic minister Dick Roche denies …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on truthcoalitionireland.org

Mr Roche, who is a teetotaller, disclosed that Bertie Ahern asked him out for a drink the night before he resigned. The 61-year-old said this was a gesture which convinced him something was wrong with the then Taoiseach. …... Continue reading »

Coddle Pot » I'm Forever Blowing Hot Air

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on coddlepot.com

Nearest Brother imagined this as more a fleeting illness than a lifestyle choice, and as an Irishman, it was his duty to undermine me in a manner more befitting of Bertie Ahern than Machiavelli. He tried to bet me out of it. …... Continue reading »

17 Jul 2009

An Bord Snip (the sequel)

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on paschaldonohoe.ie

Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen are the culprits of this. May the scourge of the electorate mirror that of future historians. It also means that we have to recreate politics in Ireland. That's why the debate on swipe cards in Leinster …... Continue reading »

Head Rambles » Blog Archive » You are cordially invited to a party

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on headrambles.com

When you come, please bring a bottle and your Cretin Of Choice. Seeing as I am holding the party, I'm going to bring three. Heh! Bertie Ahern, Mary Harney and that little bollix Gary Lineker. Any other suggestions? Rambles; Comments(1) …... Continue reading »

15 Jul 2009

Stephen Spillane – The Next Election

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on stephenspillane.com/blog

There is always talk of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern running but I don't see him getting many votes outside of Dublin. I think Crowley will be the Fianna Fail Nominee. Fine Gael. In contrast to Fianna Fail, the Fine Gael crowd dont …... Continue reading »

14 Jul 2009

In honour of Bertie…

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on paschaldonohoe.ie

Everywhere that I go in my constituency I see plaques in honour of Bertie Ahern. He's opened every hospital, shop, window and door in my constituency and there's a plaque there to remind us all of it. It's normally accompanied by a …... Continue reading »

13 Jul 2009

Fianna Fáil dog attacking itself! | Paddy Bloggit

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on paddybloggit.com

The different factions are said to include supporters of Mr Cowen, supporters of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, those who think Fianna Fail need a “strong man” like Justice Minister Dermot Ahern, an “anyone but Dermot Ahern” group, …... Continue reading »

31 May 2009

Munster Express Online » Archive » Atonement priest calls for new …

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on munster-express.ie

Fr Michael Mernagh accused Bertie Ahern's Government of “talking out of a particular mindset which didn't have the needs of victims before them”.... Continue reading »

Gerry the Prod « Splintered Sunrise

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on splinteredsunrise.wordpress.com

Bertie Ahern, sleekit weasel though he is, may yet be done – in fact he'll have to be, if the astronomical cost of the Mahon tribunal is to be justified. And so it is with Frank the Canary. Not that Frank can complain about his …... Continue reading »

23 May 2009

The words of Bertie Ahern | The Hoff – Seamus Whelehan

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on corkmedia.net

Posted: 21 May 2009 03:11 AM PDT One of things overlooked yesterday when the report came out was the recommendation of the commission. The report.... Continue reading »

17 May 2009

Iris Eoghanaigh: 'Vótáil DUP, a haon, 'dó, trí'

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on eoghanach.blogspot.com

Fiú an tIar-Thaoiseach Bertie Ahern, sílimse go ndúirt sé ar na mallaibh go mbeadh móramh aontachtach de dhíth sula mbeadh Éire Aontaithe ann. Agus níl creidiúint ar bith fágtha ag aon fhocal atá scríofa i gComhaontú Aoine an Chéasta, …... Continue reading »

26 Apr 2009

E voting – Dublin.ie Forums

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on dublin.ie/forums

Is the reason they waited so long to scrap them because all the ministers involved have now moved on to different portfollieo's ie Martin Cullen/Bertie Ahern. 2. If it was based on a european system why did they not just copy the system ... Continue reading »

25 Apr 2009

Shabby Celtic tigers – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on krugman.blogs.nytimes.com

Paul, what you’re not understanding here is that Ireland is ‘just like us’ because ideology-driven American Reaganite ‘advisors’ were crawling all over Ireland in the 1990s, pushing Bertie Ahern’s conservative government to make the ... Continue reading »

Joe Higgins Euro Election Campaign Launched

An article about Bertie Ahern seen on joehiggins.eu

He frequently challenged the then Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, on a wide range of issues including land speculation and profiteering in the housing market, Government support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and in defence of ... Continue reading »

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